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Change in life
By Emily Young

Relationships. Everyone has one at one point in their lives and sometimes they last days, months, years and sometimes they last a lifetime. Whether your relationship is with a friend, a group of friends, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a sister or a dad, we all go through and experience the rollercoaster of emotions on the way. Although, I always seem to wonder, has my relationships with people changed me as a person? For me, taking all these thoughts and feelings and reflecting back now, I could answer that question. Yes.

Friends are essential in life. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. I certainly know that I’ve had quite a few different friends through the years but, in know, my friends right now are the friends that will stay. They help you through problems and they are always there for a shoulder to cry on. I would say I have had a good relationship with my friends. Of course, as always, we have out little ‘spats’ and arguments but they are always resolved and that’s when you know that they are friends for life. We have some great nights out though. We would probably start off with getting ready at each other’s houses (a tradition in our group), then we would go out and party. The laughs we had and being myself has definitely grown my confidence around people and looking back, I now understand why friends are needed. They are there to have your back when your arguing with someone, even if you’re in the wrong, and
No matter how many friends you have, you always have that one best friend that you do everything with. In my case, this is Caitlin. She is probably the only friend that I can totally be myself around. No matter what the circumstance, we can always turn a sad event into a funny and happy one.

Well, at some point in life you figure out who your first love was. It just so happened that I know when I’m young. You get that feeling inside like you want to hate them for everything that they have done but you...

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