outback stakehouse

outback stakehouse

Use the diagram to the right to match the
notation with the term that best describes it.

__G__ 1) Chord
__D__ 2) Point of Tangency
__B__ 3) Common Internal Tangent
__F__ 4) Common External Tangent
__H__ 5) Center
__A__ 6) Radius
__E__ 7) Diameter
__C__ 8) Secant

Find the indicated measures of circle E.

9) ____60º______
10) ____55º______
11) ___235º______

12) List the three numbered angles in order from
the smallest angle to the largest angle.

3, 1, 2

13) Give an example of a shape that can always be inscribed in a circle. Explain how you know that this will always be true.

Answers will vary. Remember that opposite angles must be supplementary.

14) One theorem that we discussed says that “If a right triangle is inscribed in a circle, then the hypotenuse is a diameter of the circle.” Explain why this is true. (Drawing a picture may help.)

Answers will vary. You should discuss what you know about the relationships between inscribed angles and the arcs they intercept.

Find the value of x.
15) 16) 17)

18) 19) 20)

21) 22) 23)

Use the diagram below and the given information answer the following questions.

24) Find the length of , given AB = 3 cm. and

25) Find given the shaded region is 20 in2 and BD = 6 in.

26) Find the area of circle B, given the shaded region is 20 in2 and
90 in2
27) Find the radius of circle B, the length of is 6.2 cm and

28) Find the area of the shaded region.

Find the surface area and the volume for the following solids.
29) 30) 31)


34) What happens to the surface area of a SPHERE if the radius is quadrupled?
It is 16 times bigger.
35) The volume of one sphere is 125 times the volume of another. What is the ratio of...