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Tijerino 1

Rolando Tijerino
Professor Mendez
EngWr 300
30 March 2014
It's Just That Simple
Malcolm Gladwell’Outliers is a book about success stories and the theories of how they
came to be. The definition of an outlier is “
something that’situated away from or classed
differently from a main or related body (Gladwell 3).”
The book is broken down into two key
parts which are opportunity and legacy. Through the different studies conducted by a handful of
very capable psychologists, sociologists, geniuses, etc…we are introduced to a number of key
factors that play a role in determining who becomes successful. Unlike the fantasy version of
any good rags to riches story, Gladwell dissects globally known names that include one of my
favorite rock bands The Beatles, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and Joseph Flom “
Takeover” Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom law firm to name a few. Unquestionably
many of us are aware of these success stories but probably believed the fictional “
version because of how the media presents them, but the truth of the matter is that no-one not
even these guys ever “
make it alone (Gladwell 115).”
Gladwell dispels the myths that
intelligence alone without any support/resources, can make us become “
The results
of the different studies completed strongly suggest that through our culture, the environment, and
era in which we are raised, makes our foundation strong for our path to individual riches.
Several aspects of these factors that stood out are the specific opportunities one must gain, the
dedication towards preparation, and those unavoidable obstacles we as human beings must

Tijerino 2

A major factor pointed out in the book is our legacy. Many of us come from a very
traditional or as we call it “ fashion”
home, we quickly relate to this whether it is in a negative
sense (this is why I fail at everything), or positive (triumph is in our blood)....

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