Outline for Babe Ruth Speech

Outline for Babe Ruth Speech

Speech 1315
13 June 2016

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the life of George Herman Ruth Jr. aka. Babe Ruth.

Central Idea: I would like to take a look at George’s life before he became Babe Ruth, his record breaking major league career, and his retirement.


Ask the audience if they know anyone named George Herman Ruth Jr. Explain that is the Famous baseball player Babe Ruth that played in the Major Leagues. I would like to look at George Herman Ruth’s life before he became Babe Ruth, his outstanding Major league career, and retirement.


I. George has a troubled childhood
A. Raised in a poor waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore
1. was one of eight Children to be born.
2. One of only two that survived Infancy.
B. At the age of seven he began trouble making.
1. To much to handle for parents.
2. Sent to St. Mary’s Industrial school for boys.
II. Georges talents began to show.
A. At the age 15 Ruth showed skill with hitting and pitching.
1. Gained attention of jack Dunn.
2. Called to the majors in Boston.
B. Georges career in the majors.
1. With his accomplishments he became known as “The Babe”.
2. Soon won 4 world series titles in over 15 seasons.
III. George ending his career with great achievements.
A. His record breaking years.
1. Twelve continuous years holding homerun record in the league.
2. Most total bases in a year.
B. Retirement and Legacy.
1. In 1935 Babe Ruth retired.
2. August 16,1948, Babe Ruth passed away with Esophageal cancer, Throat Cancer.


I. George wasn’t born with a silver spoon, he followed his passion for baseball, and lived a fulfilling life filled with many achievements.

II. Just as babe did throughout his younger years I have applied myself to my interest to improve for the future.

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