Outline the Characteristics and Uses of Memorandums in an Organisation

Outline the Characteristics and Uses of Memorandums in an Organisation

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The purpose of this assignment is to outline how specified documents such as memorandums (memo) are used in workplaces. It also seeks to show out the characteristics of the memorandum as well as the possible scenarios in which the document can be used. The assignment also seeks to show the relative importance of memorandums in the day to day running of organisations

By definition a memorandum (memo) is a piece of interoffice correspondence sent between employees in a company or between subsidiaries to transmit ideas, decisions requests or announcements (http://www.mrcoldcall.com/). A memorandum may be drafted by management and addressed to other employees or from a department head to the company at large. Generally, a memorandum will include a few basic elements, such as the name of the originator of the document, the intended recipient or recipients, the date of issue, the general topic, and the body of the document that contains the information to be shared. Memorandums have come along with the increased need for internal communication across distances and between levels of management of the corporate enterprises

There are different types of memoranda documents that are used in the business world. One often utilized format is referred to as the Memorandum of Understanding. This document is used to define and document the perimeters of a working relationship between two parties or organisations. Generally, the body of this note addresses the main reason for the partnership, the anticipated outcome, and the general terms and conditions that will govern the business arrangement. In many cases, the Memorandum of Understanding serves as a precursor to a more formal contract (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-memorandum.htm)

Another type of a memorandum is a memorandum of association which is a foundational document for many organisations of all sizes. This document essentially defines the relationship between the company and the...

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