Outlook for Kudler Fine Foods

Outlook for Kudler Fine Foods

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My Outlook For Kudler Fine Foods

Malory Johnson

University Of Phoenix

Values come from one’s belief in a concept that is somewhat meaningful at least to them. We all have values that impact how we view punctuality, harmony, and independence. These three determine how we see much of the world and impact us not only in our private lives, but also where and how we work.

Regarding KFF, the things that would in my estimation determine the success of the business include embracing the following values.

• Interaction with customers.
• Hiring qualified staff and allowing them to lead their department.
• Being able to provide the best variety of gourmet products in each department.
• Being responsive to customer and business related events.
• Focusing on customer and employee safety.
• Optimizing the use of technology in the business.
• Standardizing procedures, while understanding that exceptions exist.
• Solidifying before expanding.
• Having regular meetings to keep management current on the issues being faced.

Kathy’s values
• Interacting with customers
• Overview employees work
• Order processing
• Expanding

There are not many differences in the values we both have regarding the organization. However my outlook on the grand scheme would have some differences aimed at making things much more efficient for the company. We both believe that interacting with customers is a very important part of running the business. For this type of business, interacting with customers is a skill that if used properly, can help to establish rapport with your customers, and the more time she spends at it, is the quicker she will be able to gain their trust and build healthy relationships with them.

In regards to the employees hired, again we see where we both have the general understanding that employees are an integral part of any operation. While this is a fact, Kathy is...

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