Outsourcing of Jobs

Outsourcing of Jobs

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Outsourcing of Jobs 1

Politicians make it sound like a really big problem in order to
gain or stay in power.
Todd M Kreiser
Western International University
Effective Persuasive Writing
Professor Zalimas
January 6, 2005

Outsourcing of Jobs 2

Outsourcing of Jobs:
Politicians make it sound like a really big problem in
order to gain or stay in power.
Jobs and job outsourcing were major campaign issues in the
2004 Presidential election, yet the unemployment rate is at its
lowest point in 30 years. According to the U.S. Department of
Labor and Industry, the current unemployment rate is only 5.4%.
If anyone complains about the current job situation, you should
ask him/her which European nation we should borrow policies
from. Countries like France and Belgium have unemployment rates

that are almost in the double digits (Williams, 2004).

When campaigning, Senator Kerry (2004) told Americans the

job outlook is much worse than it really is. In any newspaper

today, even with the low unemployment rate, there are still want

ads placed by companies looking for people. Senator Kerry also

told us that the current administration is giving tax breaks to

companies that outsource jobs. What is really happening is that

all American companies are getting tax breaks, not just those

that outsource jobs. In order to win the presidency, he was

willing to let you believe that you’re subsidizing the removal

of your own job.

Senator Kerry (2004) talked of a loophole in which profits
Outsourcing of Jobs 3

American companies make overseas are not subject to U.S. taxes.

For example, look at Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company does

business in England under the name, “Ford Motor Company of U.K.”

This is run as a separate entity. At the end of the year, Ford

of U.K. pays taxes to the British Government. John Kerry called

this a loophole and actually thought he...

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