Overcoming Adversity to Become a Life Altering Writer

Overcoming Adversity to Become a Life Altering Writer

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Joel Stutzman
Jan.30th 2009
WR 91
Bethany G.

Overcoming Adversity to Become a Life Altering Writer
I stretched my thin legs as I felt the warm rays of sunlight hitting my thin little face. I slowly opened my eyes, hoping to see a warm steamy bowl of food in front of me. Instead, I saw the piles of garbage surrounding where I slept. I had grown accustom to the smells of thrown out dish water and rotting food. The smell of rotting food to me was my invitation to look for my breakfast. The scorching humid summer air was unbearable along with a hefty dose of odors in the large northern city of Korea. There was nothing exciting about this year; 1977 was just another year I was fighting to survive and keep myself from starving to death. The streets of Korea were narrow and paved with hardened dirt. At the time, I was 3 years old and running with hundreds of other kids just like me. I only dreamed of a full stomach and nice clothes. My shirt was in ribbons gently flapping in the summer heat. I quickly ran down the street stealing food from a business and eating as fast as I could. I darted down a side street so I wouldn’t get caught. As I was running, I wondered if in the years to come I would be able to write about my stories of survival and not have to finding my next meal.
In Korea, summer changed to autumn and the days started to become cooler. I started to worry about the harsh winters that would invade the countryside of Korea. As each day passed, my body was growing weaker and weaker. I was having more difficulty finding food to eat. My body started to involuntarily shake to try and keep warm. I had found a sewer vent and tried to

keep myself warm. I was nearly 4 years old, and I didn’t even weigh 40 pounds. This one particular day, I decided to be brave and go find something special to eat. I tried to get close to a couple food stands only to be chased away. I finally spied a vendor who had his back turned to me,...

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