Overcoming Potential Non Technical Problems

Overcoming Potential Non Technical Problems

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Mentoring and coaching can be useful tools to overcome potential non technical problems. Identify the difference between the two and state how they can be used to overcome non-technical problems in your plan.

Organizations are looking for more competitive employee to induct and part of their system and for attracting best candidates enormous efforts have been directed toward hiring and retaining best candidates. Organization success depends on how its individuals are performing and there is constant need to update the employee’s skills along with update in technology.

Several programs have been executed to update the employee’s skills and one form is through mentoring and coaching. These tow terms are sound similar to each other but as we explore them in depth we can easily find difference in both of them. Below is a comparison of both the term;

|Mentor |Coaching |
|Mentoring is done for personal and professional life. For e.g. mentor can be|Whereas, coaching is most link to enhance/build a specific skill in |
|a family member or friend who inspired us or that person groom us in our |employee. Usually, new employee is hand over to senior employee for specific|
|personal life or help us to be a good professional. |period of time for coaching. |
|Mentoring focus is at macro level, for e.g. it is building the capacity of |Coaching is link at micro level, for e.g. when a employee is consider for |
|employee’s skills and ability which help him building overall personality. |upcoming promotion, management consider him for building a specific skills |
| |like managerial or leadership skills and tag him along with senior to learn |

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