Overseas Sales Agents Are Wanted

Overseas Sales Agents Are Wanted

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Win Tone Machinery will design and build Asia's largest corn germ extraction project in China for an alcohol enterprise. It adopts corn as the raw material and extracts corn germs to reduce the pollution risk in alcohol technology. It can help the alcohol enterprises reduce sugar loss, reduce fermentation raw material quantity and draff fluid discharging quantity.

The corn germ extraction line in alcohol plants can reduce production equipment input cost 25-30%. It doesn’t need the smashing section, and can save the cost 30% for fermentation section, 25% for distilling section and 30-40% for vinasse processing.

As one large professional corn and grain processing machine manufacturer, Win Tone Machinery can supply various peeling machines and polishing machines for corn, beans, oat, highland barley, sorghum, pearl barley, millet, and buckwheat, pearl barley and peony seeds dehulling machine. 

We can also contract to build 10-2000t corn grits and flour milling line, corn germ extraction line, millet processing line, buckwheat dehulling and tea processing line, highland barley and oat milling line, oat flakes processing line, peony seeds dehulling line and oil press project, as well as the turnkey project.

Our Main Products: 
Various corn and grain processing machinery, various grain peeling and dehulling equipment in small, medium and large size. 

At present, we are looking for the agents in different countries and areas. If you have any interest in our products, please feel free to contact us. We’re looking forward to building long-term business relationship with you on the basis of our mutual benefit!  

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