Overuse Injury

Overuse Injury

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Overuse Injury
Regular exercise is essential to having good health. The benefits of exercising is that it can release stress, reduce risks of developing diseases later on life, aid in the loss/maintenance of weight and improve self-esteem. Oftentimes people, new to the world of fitness join in physical activities, without knowing the amount of energy and force their bodies are able to handle. This can result in overuse injury. Common injuries like tendinitis cause a swelling or irritation on the tendon. Going to fast, repetitive activity on sore muscles and long periods of exercise can strain the muscles, giving way to injury. Professional and experienced athletes are also prone to injuries by overextending themselves or using poor form in technique.
Injuries are avoidable and there are ways of preventing them. Medical conditions and age can also account for most injuries so it is vital for people to seek clearance from a doctor before engaging in fitness exercise. Learning the proper form or a new technique helps avoiding straining muscles. When increasing the activity level, it should be gradual so that there is a gain in endurance and strength. It is also important to do more than one type of exercise. Switching between physical activities like walking, biking and swimming allows for the use of different muscles, preventing a strain in one specific area. By using these steps as extra precaution, injuries are avoided and thus, allows for the goal of fitness to be achieved.


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