Overview of India's Itc Ltd.

Overview of India's Itc Ltd.

ITC Ltd is one India's giant conglomerates with diversified presence in businesses. In line with its corporate social responsibility it wants to investigate an effective warning which can help influence consumer behavior. The purpose of the study is to identify effective way of communicating warning message. It wants to identify which one of the warning methods is most noticed, understood, accepted and followed by consumers.
We have several warning messages displayed across various categories of product. The product ranges from toys to general electrical appliances. Given the potential consequences for consumer harm, it is important that we are aware of whether and when warning labels are successful in informing consumers about product hazards. We have measured into dimensions of effectiveness which include: attention, reading, recall, judgments and behavioral compliance.
Problem Statement:
To determine the effectiveness of warnings by observing consumer reaction to the attention, reading, recall, judgments and behavioral compliance.
Methodology to be followed:
Phase 1:

Literature review forms an important part of our research study. We have built our primary analysis on findings and observations of past studies. Text warning in English language “Smoking is injurious to health” was not as effective as pictorial health warning, especially in countries which consists of a large number of illiterate populations. It is opined that pictorial warnings may overcome this problem of illiteracy.

Another study concluded that pictorial warnings serve better purpose in communicating the message to users.

Phase 2:

Questionnaire was designed and structured to collect data on socio-demographic details, product usage and awareness on pictorial warnings. The current study applied a convenience sampling method to select the respondents. Pictorial warnings were included in the questionnaire and respondents were asked if these warnings had long...

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