Overview of Online College Classes

Overview of Online College Classes

Last week I was in Wal-Mart and I ran into my battle buddy from basic training. I have not seen Jones in eleven years. We starting talking and catching up on out careers in the military.

I told him that I started taking some classes at Axia College.

He looked at me like I was crazy and said how you have the time. Jones also asked does your commander give you time off during the duty day to go to school?

I smiled at Jones. He said what’s funny. Then I told him that all my classes are online and I do my work when I get off work and in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Gives me something to do with my time since I just got my divorce and I have a lot of time on my hand.

Jones still had a puzzled look on his face and he said college you. I will receive an education just as if I was in a college classroom but this way I work at my own pace. I said yes let me explain it to you its not as hard as you are thinking trust me when I explain it you will be wanting to sign up and take some classes.

Well let me start by saying that you first have to have internet. I do all my classes over the internet and if you do not know have to use the internet they will walk you through over the phone until you can understand.

Well you log into your forum that’s were you can talk to your classmates and also talk to your instructor. This is also were you place your work and interact with your classmates on your different topics, you can agree and disagree.

If you need additional help the instructor gives a number that you can call if you are having problems with anything. Also under forums there is thread were you can send the instructor a message were only the instructor can view the message.

My classmates are from different states and we have different time zones so we are never really on line at the same time so we do a lot of asynchronous communication. One of my classmates my post a comment early in the morning and I can log on after work...

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