Overview of Women's Position in Production

Overview of Women's Position in Production


i) Abbreviations

ii) List of Tables

iii) Methodology

1) Women’s position in world production

2) Women in the Bangladesh labour market

3) Background of garments in Bangladesh

4) Socio-economic profile of female garments workers in garment industry

5) Reasons for women’s’ involvement in garment work

6) Expenditure and absorption of women’s wages in the household economy

7) Working conditions

8) Conclusion

9) References

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GoB: Government of Bangladesh

BBS: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

GET: Global Employment Trends

ILO: International Labor Office

EU: European Union

FY: Fiscal Year

LFPR: Labour Force Participation Rate

UN: United Nations

RMG: Ready Made Garments

List of Tables
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Table 1.1: Male and female labour force participation rates (%) and the gender gap in economically active females per 100 males, 2006

Table 1.2: Male and female employment-to-population ratios and unemployment rates 1996 and 2006

Table 1.3: Male and female share in total employment by sector 1996 and 2006

Table 2.1: Urban population Percentage of Bangladesh, 1950 - 2030

Table 2.2: Participation indicators of women’s employment, 1995-1996

Table 2.3: Ratio of male and female daily wage rates, 1989-2000

Table 2.4: Comparative Statement on Export of RMG (Ready Made Garments) and Total Export of Bangladesh, 1989-90 to 2004-05 (July- February)

Table 3.1: Age of the Garment Workers

Table 3.2: Marital Status of Workers

Table 3.3: Years of Schooling

Table 3.4: Job positions

Table 3.5: Years of work

Table 3.6: Monthly income (salary +...

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