Owen Meany

Owen Meany

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In A Prayer For Owen Meany, one relationship that stands out is the one between the natural and supernatural. Besides this display, it is difficult to find another relationship that is this apparent. However, there is one other relationship which stands out and that is between John and Owen. Their relationship is far more deep and important then it is initially perceived to be. The strength of John and Owen's relationship is displayed through the theory of "opposites attracting" as seen through their leader-follower relationship, family backgrounds, and feelings towards religion.

In A Prayer For Owen Meany, it is portrayed as John and Owen have an equal dependence on one another, however, they play different roles as Owen is the leader in the relationship while John is the follower. John is a follower because of his insecurity. John does not make many decisions on his own, unless he receives the consent of someone else or Owen Meany. John's dependence on Owen became stronger after Owen accidentally killed Tabitha, John's mother. Tabitha was the only parent John had at the time and John had difficulty coping with life after her death. John's dependence on Owen also was strong because of Owen's intelligence. John was not as smart as Owen and often needed help.

Remembering how I suffered as a student, remembering how much I needed Owen's help.

As a child, John strives to do everything that Owen does, but seems to find himself less adequate. John is a shy child who does not associate with other children very often. He does not seem to have any friends which meant that John grew up with little self esteem. On the other hand, Owen is very confident and opinionated despite his disabilities and is more social than John. As an adult, John is very unsure what he would like to do with his life. He could not figure out what occupation would be best for him. When he read in Owen's diary that Owen thought John should go to Toronto...

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