Own Independent Wheat Flour Mill Technical Advantages

Own Independent Wheat Flour Mill Technical Advantages

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WHEAT FLOUR MILL is agricultural products processing machinery that process the grain into edible flour.

In China, wheat flour mill used in various types of flour processing enterprises and rural food processing points, responsible for flour processing tasks of hundreds of millions of tons domestic wheat and millions of tons imported wheat each year. And the wheat flour mill also has been continuous improved in the past decades. Decades of development of wheat flour mill indicated that the only way to strengthen the competitive edge is to improve technology capabilities and to prevent the homogenization of the products. Looking for the diversified development according to market demands.

The companies should own independent technical advantages in order to stand undefeated market position. The wheat flour mill enterprises with a certain capacity should adjust the production structure and become bigger and better.

As we all know, wheat is a kind of very important grain crops which is widely used in the whole world. China has centuries-old wheat planting history with more than 5000 years. With the development of modern industry, wheat harvest has been realized into automatic harvest by combine harvester. The wheat production has been significantly increased in recent decades, especially since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, the demand for wheat flour mill is increasingly grow in the market.

Generally speaking, wheat will be processed into flour by using wheat flour mill. The process flowchart include: crude wheat storage by silos, wheat pre-cleaning, wheat cleaning, wheat milling, flour packing and flour storage. After processing by wheat flour mill, there will be 65%-80% wheat flour, 10%-15% wheat bran and the weight lost will be about 10%-15%. Most of the lost will be the impurities and moisture. So when design the wheat flour plant, the most important thing is the pre-cleaning capacity and cleaning capacity should...

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