P2P Essay

P2P Essay

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The implications of peer-to-peer networks are huge and varied. The technology opens new possibilities, but also a host of headaches for others. Whilst instant messaging, networks without servers, new file distribution methods and shared resources are lofty and noble achievements, there's one area of peer to peer networking that came to dominate the headlines: file sharing.
The recent popularity of file-sharing programs over the Internet has resulted in copyright infringement on a grand scale. Making intermediaries liable for such infringement has been seen by Copyright Industries as key to preventing infringement. However, lawsuits have not deterred determined pirates. The Napster decision has confused this area of law and the Dutch KaZaA judgement has led to international disagreement over the liability of intermediaries.
P2P Software that are well-known;

KaZaA (FastTrack)


Launched July 28, 2000

Operated by Consumer Empowerment BV of The Netherlands and bought by Sharman Networks



Launched April 21, 2001

Operated by MusicCity.com, Inc. (now StreamCast Networks) located in Oregon



Grokster, Ltd. – located in the West Indies

Launched August 2, 2001

Before we get in to the complexity of all this let us start with the basic, what make this entire Music file swapping(p2p) possible, it was made possible by MP3 programme and how they work.
Definition of MP3:- In layperson’s terms, an MP3 file is an audio file that has been compressed to a tenth of its original size, without any noticeable reduction in quality[1]. This technology is free for anyone to use and requires merely a computer with a CD-Rom drive and an audio CD to make MP3s from[2].

MP3 Hardware:-
With increase in technological breakthrough now MP3 player are available in different shape and sizes and are very convenient to carry just as your walkman, infact they are much more smaller in...

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