P5 describe typical services provided by networks

P5 describe typical services provided by networks

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P3 - Explain the key components required for client workstations to connect to a network and access network resource

What is a NIC?
A ‘NIC’ is short for Network Interface Card, They are used to provide the computer hardwares interface between a computer and a network. Some NICs work only with wired connection where as other are able to connect wirelessly. The majority of NICs support either wired Ethernet or WiFi wireless standards, They are commonly found in devices like laptops which have a NIC for LAN networks.

CAT 5 - A CAT5 ethernet cable is a twisted pair cable that carries the signal. You normally find this type of cable in home computer networks, the cable standard provides performance of up to 100 MHz as well as it is suitable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE TX and 1000BASE-T.

Fiber Optic - A Fiber optic cable Transmits its information with light, it consists of strands of glass fibers that are inside an insulated case. These cable are able to go long distances with losing little strength if not any. These cables allow households to obtain speed upto 100 Mbps and higher.

Coaxial cable - This kind of cable has a inner conductor which is surrounded by a tubular insulating layer as well as surrounded by a tubular conducting shield. This cable is commonly used In cable TV.


Network - A network operating system is software that runs on the server and allows the server to manage data, users, applications, groups and other networking functions. The network operating system is designed to allow you to use a shared file and shared printer.

Virus checker - A Virus checker is software that will go through all the users files and check for viruses, this stops any virus from destroy data or transmitting the data to another destination. This software is a Anti-Virus and is good for the computers health.

Firewall - A firewall is another prevention software that stops malicious software from reaching your...

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