SPEECH ONE: World Tour

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my classmates about the wonderful meat in Argentina.
Thesis: Argentina is well known for its production and consumption of red meat.

Red Meat


I. Attention-getter: One day my family and I were driving around town looking for somewhere to eat. I remembered that one of my friends had suggested to me a new Argentinean steak house. So I convinced my dad to stop and try it out. I ordered Bife de Lomo, which is a grilled beef tenderloin. The waiter brought it out on this huge cast iron grill with vegetables all around it. I took my first bite and wow was I amazed. I had just sunk my teeth into the best piece of meat I had ever tasted. So I decided to go home this weekend and ask people as they walked out of the restaurant how they liked the food. Everyone agreed that it had been the best meat they had tried.
II. Introduce topic/thesis: Thus, Argentina a country in South America, is well known for its production and consumption of red meat.
A. Everyone, I’m sure, has their own opinion on their favorite meat but I assure you once you try an Argentinean steak you will change your mind.
III. Preview the main points: 1. Cattle ranching is a big deal in Argentina. 2. The importance of beef in Argentina.

[Transition: The ranching in Argentina is no different of that in America………]


I. Main Point—Raising cattle in Argentina is a big deal.
A. Cattle raising in these grasslands dates back to the Spanish arrival in South America.
1. As years go by, the cattle population rises. As of 2002 there are about 48,063,368 head of cattle in Argentina (Argentina).
2. Here in America the number of cattle is 42,502,230 based on a 2002 census conducted by the USDA, and the National Agriculture Statistics Service (USA).
B. Though there are still ranches that let cattle graze freely, feedlots are starting to become more popular....