Palm Oil Extraction Process Introduction and How to Extract Oil from Palm

Palm Oil Extraction Process Introduction and How to Extract Oil from Palm

Along with coconut oil, palm oil is one of the few highly saturated vegetable fats. It is semi-solid at room temperature and contains several saturated and unsaturated fats in the forms of glyceryl laurate (0.1%, saturated), myristate (1%, saturated), palmitate (44%, saturated), stearate (5%, saturated), oleate (39%, monounsaturated), linoleate (10%, polyunsaturated), and alpha-linolenate (0.3%, polyunsaturated). Like all vegetable oils, palm oil does not contain cholesterol although saturated fat intake increases a person's LDL and HDL cholesterol. Palm oil is rich in nutrient elements which does well to our body.
How to extract oil from palm? What’s the PALM OIL EXTRACTION process? In general, Palm Oil Extraction Process can be classified into the next 10 steps as follow:

1.Clean dried kernels with water. Make sure they are free of any dirt or gravel.

2.Shell kernels with a nut cracker. Separate the shells from the kernels.
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3.Heat the nuts in the oven at 350 degrees until roasted. Grind in a blender or pound with a hand mortar until it is a pasty consistency.

4.Mix the paste with water heated to a boil in a bowl. Boiling water separates the oil from the palm paste. The oil will float to the top. Let the water and paste cool to room temperature.

5.Skim the palm oil off the top of the cooled water with the spoon. Pour the oil in the jar and close tightly.
6. Clean ripe palm fruit with water or steam.

7. Pull the fruit apart and remove nut or kernel. Each fruit will have one kernel.
8. Place the palm fruit in the hand mortar and crush to a pulp.

9. Boil the pulp for 30 minutes. This serves to remove extra water from the pulp fibers.

10. Line the funnel with cheese cloth. Place the spout end of the funnel inside the jar. Pour the pulp though the cheese cloth to strain the palm oil from the pulp. Tightly seal...

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