Panasonic's Facelift

Panasonic's Facelift

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Samir Bounpeng
Rémi Berland


Project : Panasonic’s facelift

To : The chief marketing officer
From : ISC consulting
Date : 2008-01-15
Subject : Proposed overhaul of brand image of « Panasonic »


We chose Panasonic because of its old fashioned image. This brand is not as famous as Sony or others despite a similar quality. Panasonic produces Hifi, televisions, radio and eletronic products.
This brand doesn’t advertise a great deal. Moreover they don’t prioritize design. They focus primarily on the quality and the technology instead of investing in their marketing strategy.
Therefore, their brand image doesn’t reflect their innovative technologies.
Panasonic is not aware of young people. This brand is more used by professionals than the large public.
This brand is primarily used by a professional public, and because of a lack of advertising Young people are not aware of Panasonic. Our objective is to reconnect this brand to a larger target market.

Analyse of global answers

When we asked if they can choose an electronic brand, they’ve never had choosen Panasonic. People doesn’t really know this brand. They always speak about others brands like Sony, Thompson or phillips.

From this survey, we have highlight that people expect from a brand principaly a design, a reliability and easy using.

When we asked questions about quality, design, price, value for money and innovation, nobody says that it was a quality of Panasonic. From this evidences we can emphasis that Panasonic had a problem with its communication and its image.

When we asked if they know panasonic people say yes, but they could’nt describe it they know the name but not the product. For people Panasonic has a lack of communication and advertising, they think that it’s only professionnal product. For people Panasonic produced too complicate electronic products.

Advises for panasonic

Panasonic have to work on its image...