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Throughout history a male’s role in a relationship or society as a whole was dominance. For example, leaders of states and countries were always men. As well as, world leaders, authority figures like police or the military were always men. Men also assumed power in the household. They had complete power over their wives and children. As for the women, they were required to take care of the children, keep the house clean and obey their husbands. For example, in the piece, A Doll’s House these qualities of dominance are prevalent in the marriage of Torvald and Nora Helmer.

First off, I believe that men and women are equal to each other in society. Neither sex is superior to one another, especially in a relationship. When you are married to someone you are not only supposed to think of your self but also your spouse. Throughout history the husband was supposed to be the primary ‘bread winner’ or only source of income. The role of the wife was to wait on the husband, take of the children and clean the house. My problem with this is that the woman should not be treated like a slave or maid to the husband. A husband and wife should be codependent, they should both have jobs, pay bills, take care of the home and children. They should support and take care of each other.

In conclusion, the roles of men and women have changed over time. Men are no longer dominant, superior or in any way better than women. The roles of a husband and wife should be equal in a marriage. They should support each other financially, emotionally and spiritually. They should both treat each other with respect and love, not like a slave or piece of garbage. Marriage is a sacred institution and should be treated as such.

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