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Paper 1

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My opinion on 'of mice and men' the best selling childrens book written by John Steinbeck

This is my essay arguing why of mice and men is over hyped, but can be a good book at parts and why I personally do not like it and why you should not buy it

I disliked it very much. I cound not understand the plot, or the characters. I imagery is not relevant and I hated the part when George shoots Lenny and I did not know what 'livin off the fatta the lan' meant. The whole story seemed far fetched to me.
Carlson killing Candy's dog was one of the better parts, although they were few and far between because i liked how he killed it in little sympathy. My favourite character was Curley because he was the most thought about character. The storyline between him and Lennie was fantastic, ecspecially the motive of Curley being over-protective and the fact Curley was a semi-professional boxer and Lennie, apparantly had the strength of an ox. My least favourite character is Aunt Clara as I do not think she gets involved with the storyline enough
My rating would be three out of ten only because the Lennie and Curley storyline is a great storyline and well planned out and the killing of Candy's dog was also very well thought out and structured. I do not reccomend buying the book but other people do. It should not be a best seller and it truly is over hyped

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