Paper English Class

Paper English Class

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Paper English Class 6th Monthly Test

Q # 1(a) Write “T’ for true and “F” for false statement(3)
i. Amina has three brothers.
ii. Amina’s mother is a lady doctor.
iii. Dr.Umar is a teacher.
(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable word given at the end of each sentence. (3)
i. Our body ________ proper food and exercise. (likes, needs)
ii. Walking is the _________ exercise for linger life. (Best, Worst)
iii. Bits of food are _________ in our teeth and produce cavities. (Left, Born)
Q # 2. Answer the following questions (6)
i. Who was Sabuktagin?
ii. How did Sabuktagin spend most of his life?
iii. What did Sabuktagin see in his dream?
iv. In what way was Sabuktagin’s kind deed rewarded?
v. How many members are there in Amina’s family?
vi. What does Amina’s father do?
Q #3. Translate into urdu (5)
My family consist of six members. I have one brother. My name is Amina and my brother’s name Adil. My father is a doctor. He is known as Dr. Umar.
Q # 4 Translate into English (3)



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1. For which of the following architectures is Red Hat Linux available
A. Intel 386 and above
C. Alpha
D. A, B, C
E. All of the Above
2. Giving a "vga=" to Linux before it boots Linux does what?
A. Sets the mode for the X Window System
B. Tells Linux you have a VGA card
C. Sets the text mode for the console
D. None of above
3. Which machine runlevel is unusued by default?
A. 0
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6
4. How you will check the ip address?
A. ifconfig
B. ipconfig
C. netstat
D. ping
E. none of above
5. Ip address should be
A. Unique
B. Same
C. Only one for entire network
D. Wrong statement
E. A,B,C
6. Which of the following is true of DHCP?
A. Lets clients receive their IP...

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