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Trivia Questions:
1. How many power stations throughout the mall?
2. How many café tables on the first floor?
3. How many trash cans throughout the mall (main mall area no food court)?
4. How many buttons inside the elevator?
5. When was the mall built?
6. How many places in the mall can you eat or get a snack?
7. How many mall entrances?
8. How many stores have a “W” in their name?
9. How many stores in the mall?
10. How much weight can the elevator hold?
11. Which store has the shortest name (Extra points if you can name more than one)?

Things to get from a store:
1. Perfume Sample
2. Find an old receipt over $10.00
3. Clothing Hanger
4. Autograph from a stranger ___________________________________________
5. Shopping bag (From a department store)
6. An employment application
7. Cologne Sample
8. Business Cards – (One point each, can get up to 3 total) (Bonus – name on card is John or Mason)
9. Buy a cupcake using the password “JMZ” – to use in another clue
10. Map of the mall
11. Fortune Cookie

Things to do picture or video:
1. Someone sleeping – (Bonus – take a selfie with this person)
2. Find a phone case to sample and put it on your phone
3. Get a massage
4. Try on a jersey – (Bonus – 2 NFL opposing teams in a conference championship) (Double bonus all 4 NFL teams remaining in playoffs)
5. Play Madden on X-Box – (Bonus – score a touchdown) (Double Bonus – score a touchdown against a stranger)
6. Go to a kiosk and receive a free hand wash/nail buff/or other service
7. Try on a very tall high heeled shoes – (Bonus – team that wears the tallest shoe)
8. Get a picture with the whole team on an escalator (Bonus – in the same picture have one teammate on the opposite escalator)
9. Get a picture of someone with a letterman jacket – (Bonus – Get a picture of a teammate wearing the jacket)
10. Picture of the majority of your team...

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