Health care information systems
Montarius White
John Neels
Health care information systems

I think that in today’s society using a computer network to complete tasks can save a whole lot of time and money. For instance, people around the world use computers to complete tasks that are dealing with work. Most of the impacts of technology are good, but others are bad Yu, Z., Yan, H., & Cheng, T. E. (2001).

Laptops and technology increase the speed of processing data, simple recovery of details, and in some instances automatic can decrease or eliminate physical staff members. When tasks are being performed by hand, it can take up a lot of time, and some mistakes might be made Yu, Z., Yan, H., & Cheng, T. E. (2001).

Due to the nature of most modern companies, there is no point to keep paper documents and a to-do list. There are a lot of management systems, which can be retrieved from a laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

A business owner can pick management systems that will create a to-do list that he can access whenever he needs to stay on task. When a company uses technology the correct way, the technology will cut down the hours that need to be worked. This raises money for the company because it doesn’t have to pay staff members to stay on the job. Nonetheless, if the technology reduces the job hours harshly, some people might lose their jobs because the technology finish the duties that the staff member initially did.

Info exchange can include external info that employees or management team exchange with stakeholders of the company. The general objective is to create and keep internal relationships in order to collect direct entry for all relevant details. Staff members or customers are more than welcome to give their opinion, their ideas or other info. This ease of detail sharing makes it complicated that all the details travel with the other channels Yu, Z., Yan, H., & Cheng, T. E. (2001).


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