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Graded Assignment Requirements

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Unit 1 Discussion 1: Public and Private Sector Regulatory Requirements

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
You will explore the concepts of public and private sector regulatory requirements.

Assignment Requirements
You are provided a table worksheet for your group to populate and provide a rationale of compliance laws with which a public or a private organization may have to comply.

Therefore, before participating in this discussion, read through the various compliance laws carefully and then discuss how the private regulatory requirements differ from the public sector regulatory requirements.

At the end of the discussion, summarize the key points and the other students’ perspectives in the form of a completed table.

Required Resources
Worksheet: Public and Private Sector Regulatory Requirements

Submission Requirements
Format: Microsoft Word
Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
Citation Style: The Chicago Manual of Style
Length: 1–2 pages
Due By: Unit 1

Self-Assessment Checklist
I have provided the proper justification for comparing the public and private sector regulatory requirements and related them to the compliance laws.
I have correctly identified...

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