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Analyzing a Film
Ashley Latshaw
Introduction to Film
Lejla Tricic
December, 20 2009

Analyzing a Movie

When someone watches a movie for the very first time they seem to miss a lot of things that are there in the movie. Have you ever said “I want to see that movie again because I know I missed some stuff?” right after seeing the movie. I know I have many times. After taking my introduction to film class I am now able to see more things that I was missing when I was watching movies before I took this class. I think it is important to understand how to review a movie to appreciate the fullness of a feature film.

First off before I review any movie that I am going to watch, I simple watch the movie once throw. I have no thought about what the ending will be like. I don’t have any thought as to how I will feel about the movie in the end. I simply watch it and see what it is about before I review it and pick the little things out and pick it apart.

After seeing a movie I always am left with the feeling of “I must have missed something I need to watch it again”. This is where the skills I learned in this class become important to help me pick things out and truly tell me if a movie is good or bad. When you see a movie you have an initial feeling of I liked the movie or did not like the movie. This also helps you figure out why you liked it or did not like a movie.

You may ask yourself where do I start and how do I review a movie? I like to look at what the movie is about. What is the plot? All good movies have a great story line that make you feel as if you are part of that movie for the moments you are watching it.
The plot is what the movie is about. There are bad movies out there and one reasons there are bad movies out in the world is because there are really bad plots that were written poorly. To have a great movie I feel you have to have a very good foundation, just like when you are building a house. The plot is...

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