Paradox of Psychology and It's Relation to Science

Paradox of Psychology and It's Relation to Science

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Paradox of psychology and it’s relation to science

Psychology is major field in life, in schools, in every aspect, as it’s defined in many ways and different words, since it was found until today, and the paradox in it’s relation to science.

Psychology is emerged out of (psycho) soul, (Logos) and here its study, so Psychology in philosophical definition is the study of soul, philosophers always tend to study humans by their thoughts and actions not by dissection their bodies, however, psychology also evolved out of biology, as we define biology the study of body and living organisms, yet the brain is evolved in both, physically and imaginary, biology deals with physical body, psychology deals with thoughts and feelings.
First psychology lab established in Germany in 1885 by Wilhelm Wundt, as he utilized the school of thought known as structuralism in his researches, this is one of several schools formed to study human thoughts and behavior throughout history.

Psychology has been defined in different ways, point of views and different studies, moving towards implementing scientific methods more than philosophical methods to study human behavior. Psychology is connected to mind and mental interactions, as the American Heritage Dictionary defines, (the science dealing with mind and emotional processes, and the science of human and animal behavior). Psychologists searching for an answer for the question (WHY?), validating empirical evidences to answer it, over theories and hypothesis.
Questions about yourself are the hardest questions to answer, knowing yourself is something psychology trying to answer, define, and facilitate. Thus the goal of psychology is to describe, explain, predict, controlling and changing, behavior and mental processing, and still with the differences in definitions, they all focus on mind and behavior.

Psychology has been described as science, according to the definitions, while others considered it as almost science regarding...

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