Parent's Decisions and Their Children's Future

Parent's Decisions and Their Children's Future

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*Should parents decides* their children's future?
Everything is pre-planned in modern families. You will have a definite on look about what to do in the next moment to what has to happen after many years. In this situation, it is only natural that you have planned almost everything for your children's future from their education, social status, friends, career, marriage and their own families. However wait and ponder over some ideas to know where you must stop planning your children's future.

Many parents are scared about their children's future when their children do not get admission in desired educational institutions or later because of their children's unaccomplishment in exams or pre-planned courses.
Consider your educational qualifications, abilities and the background that you hailed from while you plan for your children's education. Even if you are coming from a poor family, studied in a common educational institution and took a general curriculum; you must have outshined many others. When your children reach a mature level of education better stop nagging them about their future studies. Instead encourage them to achieve their goals and dreams in the best manner.

Most parents have sleepless nights thinking of their children's friends circle. There is nothing wrong if you care for your children's relationships and guide them in wrong choices. However don't compel them to select friends of your choice. Some parents even consider that their children's company is below their status level. Your children's temperament and moods may be different from yours and they may find it difficult to cope with friends of your choice.

It is surprising that many parents decide their children's career even today. They may find it derogatory if their children choose a common man's career. It is an unhealthy situation that every parent must avoid. If your children have willingness to choose a career; that itself credit much to your efforts. Help them to...

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