parental responsibilisation

parental responsibilisation

Samantha French
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Discuss the ways in which the search for security is associated with a process of individual or family responsibilisation.

When we consider the notion of security and the search for security it is important to see it in relation to insecurity and as being and feeling protected from potential harm and threat from something and someone because wherever there is security there is also potential for insecurity to be felt. Security and insecurity can be felt on many levels. Security is a word generally used to make people feel safe. In order to feel safe some people take responsibility for their own protection which can include taking certain measures, for example someone may fit extra locks on their door or fit high tech burglar alarms in order to protect their homes and to feel safe in their own home. However sometimes personal responsibility is not enough and protection from other sources may be necessary through added support from the police, court or social services.
Security can be difficult to define as there are many different aspects to security and many ways that other people contribute to our feelings of security such as emotional, financial and personal. It looks at these aspects of security and implies the threat of insecurity, emphasizing that insecurity and security are highly connected (Cochrane, Talbot, 2008, pg 3)
When thinking about responsibilisation we can see that it implies that individuals and communities have to take responsibility for their own welfare and in policy term is associated with a series of economic and social incentives and discentives aimed at reinforcing appropriate behaviour (Cochrane, Talbot, 2008, p12)
This essays main aim is to discuss further the relationship between the search for security and the process of family responsibilisation. Using chapter 3 from book 2 and the journal article ‘punishing parents for the crimes of their children’

The family is considered an...

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