Parenting in Tkam

Parenting in Tkam

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There are many types of parents in the world, some good, some bad and everything in between. In to kill a mockingbird many types of parenting are present, the three examples I will use in this essay are Atticus, Bob Ewell, and mr Radley.

Atticus is a good parent. He plays and spends time with his children and doesn't hit his children. He has a good temper and is overall a nice person. This is evident as he did not strike his children once in the entire book, even when he was very cross with them, he reads with his daughter and teaches them both good manners.

Now then, lets take a look at mr Radley sr. Off the top of anyone's head they would most likely assume he is a bad parent because of how Arthur was treated. But if we look deeper, we can also see that he was trying to protect his boy and just went about doing so the wrong way. He was being overprotective, not intentionally cruel. This is proven when the characters talk about him

Bob Ewell on the other hand does not care for his children, he ignores them, uses the money that is supposed to be for the children on alcohol, and is altogether negligent, his children are nearly feral due to this poor parenting.
Most of the townsfolk dislike bob and many just avoid him altogether. They avoid his children by connection to what they see in him.

There are many types of parents in the world and in literature, in this essay we went over the parenting methods of Atticus, bob Ewell and mr. Radley from to kill a mockingbird.

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