Parenting Style

Parenting Style

Parenting Styles

Being a parent can be one of the most difficult jobs a person will ever have. It can be challenging when the child is in their adolescent years. Parent and their parenting styles play an important role in development of their child. Infact, many child experts suggest that parenting style can affect a child’s social and psychological development which influence not just their childhood years but also extend throughout their adult life. This is because a child’s development takes through number of stimuli, interaction and changes that surrounds him or her. Parents have significant part in the child’s positive or negative behavior.

There are four main types of parenting styles. This includes:-
* Authoritative
* Authoritarian
* Indulgent
* Neglectful Parenting
Authoritative parenting is a type parenting style which is both demanding and responsive. In this style, parents encourage their children to be independent but at the same time they place limits as well as control their actions. Authoritative parents are not usually as controlling as authoritarian. Parents allowing children more explore, more freely , thus having them make their own decisions. Often , authoritative parents produce children who are more independent and self-retiant .

Authoritative parents understand their children emotion. However, they also teach the child how to control and to regulate these feelings. Another important characteristic of this style of parenting is that parents demand maturity and also sets limits. Punishments in this style are common although, it is not typically violent. One of the advantages of this parenting style is that children tend to respond accordingly and properly to their parents because their limits are reasonable and just. Children are more likely to respond the authoritative parenting punishment because it is reasonable. A child knows why they are being punished because an authoritative parent makes the reason...

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