Parents Are the Best Teachers or Not.

Parents Are the Best Teachers or Not.

Parents are the best teachers or not.

Teachers are the people who teach you how to live in the society. In other words, teachers not only give you knowledge from books, but they also teach you many skills for survival as well. A lot of people think that parents are the best teachers. To my point of view, however, this is not true because parents don’t have enough knowledge, teaching methods and adequate strictness like teachers.

Sometimes Parents lack necessary knowledge we need. In many cases, they haven’t experienced an academic educational system; therefore they are unable to give us all the information academically. Although parents can give us valuable advices based on their work experience, we still have to learn the fundamental knowledge before working in professional environments. Hence, parents only play the supporting part. In contrast, having been trained in an academically environment, teachers have enough knowledge to convey to the students. In addition, they know what to teach us and what not.

Moreover, teachers at school not only have good knowledge, but they also have teaching methods as well. Having taught several students, teachers understand the general characteristics of students at every stage of development. Therefore, they try to apply the most suitable method for every students. For example, while parents just give their son a book and force him to read, teachers instruct him how to read it most quickly and comprehensively.

Another reason supporting the idea that teachers at school are better than parents is that parents are not as strict as teachers at school. This spoils us because we are not limited to a learning schedule. Therefore, we are not responsible for our study and we spend most of time playing. Teachers at school give us a lot of assignments, which makes us study continuously.

Fairly speaking, parents with their experiences taken from the real life can give us a lot of helpful advice. However, they can’t be...

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