Parents: the Best Teachers

Parents: the Best Teachers

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Essay: Parents are the best teachers

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Parents are the best teachers

It is traditionally believed that best teachers for children are their parents. The common belief is very strong in many societies and it has been with the mankind for a long time. At the same time, modern children cast some doubts on this general rule. The rapid changes in world development certainly affected our common relationships and made us re-imagine traditional concepts.

In my opinion, the thought “parents are the best teachers” comes from the history. For the centuries young people have lived with their parents till their mid-20s and parents have been the main source of information. The communication of youth was very limited. For instance, take noble family from 17th century, which probably have lived in own castle. Children, in such families, had an opportunity to learn things from some hired tutors, brothers and sisters, but most of all their knowledge they had to take from their parents. Basically, society patterns of older times defined parents as the best source of knowledge. No other options existed.

Nowadays, it is 21st century out of the window. Children have Internet, TV, radio, schools and numerous other sources of information. They obtain knowledge from the environment and peers, as children do not spend 24 hours a day at home. That gives much broader outlook and different perspective on many issues.
Furthermore, while parents could be very conservative, children often are more open to new knowledge and new ideas. As an illustration, think about computers and mobile phones. In most cases, children learn to use them faster than their parents. They try new types and last models of electronic...

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