Past and Present Archaeologists and Methods

Past and Present Archaeologists and Methods

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Past and Present Archaeologists and methods

Over the ages, as technology progresses, so has the understanding to preserve and record the past with extreme care. Many archaeologists over time from Fiorelli to Wallace Hadrill have used different archaeological methods to gain understanding of the cities of Vesuvius. Through development in technologies and new innovative ideas from archaeologists, the sites have become extremely well excavated and preserved. Historical and modern archaeologists have been working at the sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum for over 150 years. Archaeologists include Giuseppe Fiorelli, Vittorio Spinazolla, August Mau, Amendeo Maiuri, Andrew Wallace Hadrill, Estelle Lazer and Sara Bizel.

Giuseppe Fiorelli was one of the great archaeologists of his time, whom brought with him many new ideas and innovations for the excavation of Pompeii. He brought with him a scientific approach to archaeology and as such is remembered for his methods and ideas. Such ideas included the systematic numbering of insulae (blocks) and regions (groups of blocks), Fiorelli’s goal was to create an over view of the whole site so to easily recognise it on a map. However prior to this, houses were given fanciful names such as- The house of the Boar, as well as being named after their supposed owners e.g. The House of The Surgeon, which was often confusing and based on insubstantial evidence, however some of these names have remained in use. Assess

Furthermore Fiorelli worked methodically excavating from top to bottom, room by room, and shored up and consolidated in an attempt to stop the walls from collapsing, he was also responsible for the removal of tones of waste/ soil heaps that were built up around the site. Fiorelli was also responsible for giving modern names to the cross roads of the roman town. The name “decumanus” was allocated to the main road in town which usually was intersected by the other highly used road which was called the “cardo”....

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