HPRS 2301 – Pathophysiology: Course Outline

• Each student may work at his/her own pace as long as deadlines are met.

• There will be NO extensions of exams after their due date. All tests close on a Monday EXCEPT for the last test, which closes on a Friday.

• There is NO final exam in this course.

• This course is divided into six sections. Student should read and study the chapters in the book as assigned for each unit. Each chapter has a learning module which can be found in Blackboard in the Course Material tab. These modules will assist students in comprehension of the chapter material.

• Students should utilize the workbook. It provides valuable homework study material.

• Once confident with the material, the student should take the unit exam. Each exam can be taken twice as long as the test is completed by the deadline.

• If a student has a problem with the online test and ability to access, e-mail the faculty, Ms. Terry, immediately. Do not wait until the final deadline and then e-mail Ms. Terry for computer issues.

• See below for deadlines:

Weekly Assignments and Test Calendar

|August 26th – Read course syllabus and course | | |
|calendar. | | |
| | | |
|Read Chapter 1 | | |
|September 2nd |...

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