Patient Compliance - Essay

Patient Compliance - Essay

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Patient Compliance

Patient Compliance
Scenario 1—Asthma

The primary issue with patient compliance in this scenario is that the caregiver's distraction left the patient feeling confused. The caregiver never fully answered the patient's questions and simply assumed the patient understood how to administer the medication. The caregiver knows how to administer the medication and took for granted that the patient would understand how to administer the medication as well.
The communication problems started with the phone call to the caregiver. The caregiver failed to give the patient attention because the phone call took priority. The caregiver's failure to explain how to administer the medication resulted in the patients noncompliance.
Improving caregiver communication could be as simple as no phone calls when with patients. The caregiver should focus attention on the patient, and minimize distractions.

Scenario 2—The Dentist

A patient compliance issue in this scenario is patient anger. Eden is angry at Dr. Element's disposition and refuses to comply. Dr. Element is displeased with Eden's effort, and shows his frustration with her.
Dr. Element is taking Eden's lack of commitment personal and directing his frustration toward Eden. This is creating a hostile situation, and Eden is clearly angry. Eden is showing her anger toward Dr. Element by not following his directions.
One way to improve communication in this scenario is for Dr. Element to understand that not all patients will follow his directions faithfully. Dr. Element should also try to show his disapproval with less attitude. Eden should understand that not following Dr. Element's directions only hurts her.
Scenario 3—Physical Therapy

The problem with patient compliance in this scenario is the patient cannot understand how to integrate the caregivers advice into his diet. The notion of cutting out red meat is so disturbing to this patient that he has trouble understanding how to...

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