Patient Perspectives

Patient Perspectives


(CRAIG and HUNTLEY NEITA - 02/28/05)

A14: Well good morning everyone. You can see we’ve got a father and son tag team on the stage for you today. My name is Craig Neita and this is my dad, Huntley. And as you saw in the video, the CYPHER stent made a tremendous difference in his life in that he was able to avoid bypass surgery. CYPHER stent is truly a transformational technology, and it’s benefited literally hundreds of thousands of patients since its launch in Europe in 2002. There have been lots of patients that have avoided repeat re-interventions and bypass procedures just like my dad. And, you know, it was also a transformational technology in that this was the first drug device combination that was launched in the field of interventional cardiology, and bringing this to market was absolutely not an easy task. It required the work literally of thousands of employees in new product development and in our operations plants on a worldwide basis. In Juarez, in Latina, in Beerse, Puerto Rico, Rodin, a countless number of individuals to bring this very important technology to the marketplace, and it made an extraordinary difference. And to me, most importantly it made a difference to one of the people I love the most in my life, which is my dad. And what I’d like to do is just ask my dad to share with you the difference that the CYPHER stent has made to him. Dad…

A15: Thank you. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It is indeed a pleasure to be here this morning to tell you of my experience with the CYPHER stent and how this came about. On the 28th of April 2003, shortly after a meal my wife and I were just sitting around and suddenly I had this severe pain right in the middle of my chest. I felt as if I had been hit with a sledgehammer or kicked by a mule or something it was so severe and intense. I was taken aback, you know, it came suddenly. I had no signs or any warnings or any symptoms of any type, no sweating, no tingling in the...

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