Patriostism a Growing Population !

Patriostism a Growing Population !

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Does Patriostism Still Matter ? By: Alexis Rivera
Patriotism. The very sound of the word brings to my heart feelings of loyalty and pride. I feel loyalty for my country and my country's ideals, and I feel pride for those before me who fought and sacrificed much for the freedom of my beloved country.

I love and honor my country. I feel a sense of duty to this country that has been my home since my birth. As I turn the pages of our country's history, I am inspired by those who have spoken out and fought against those who have threatened our country's security and ideals.

Our fore fathers had dreams of a nation with liberty and justice for all. They gave all they had, every single ounce of strength, to make that dream a reality. They waged war against one of the most powerful empires of the time so that they could remain true to their ideals.

Martin Luther King Jr. was willing to lead a movement against segregation in our nation. He had the courage to tell our nation that its policy of segregation was wrong. To me, that is true patriotism: not only being willing to fight for our country but willing to try to change it so that our ideals are preserved.

For example, the government sanctioned the institution of slavery, denied women the right to vote for nearly 150 years, and prolonged a war in Vietnam that the government leaders knew they could not win. Fortunately for the United States, in each of those cases, there were patriots who spoke out against what the United States was doing and brought about change.

I am an American patriot. What exactly is a patriot you ask? Well, according to the dictionary, it’s a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. To me, an American patriot is just someone who will come to the aid of his or her country whenever necessary; someone that will love and defend their country while trusting the beliefs of that country;...

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