Patterns and Challenges in Information Technology

Patterns and Challenges in Information Technology

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Patterns and challenges in information technology
Today, Information technology is flourishing at an incredible pace. It is an undetached part of our daily routine. Everybody is making use of it, either directly or indirectly. The Information technology becomes a vital part of the business. We are dependent on IT for our business problems and solutions that we can’t even think about a business without use of IT.
Information Technology has to face some challenges. Change in Technology at a better frequency can be a biggest challenge or sow seeds of change for the expansion of IT.
If we compare a software used in to store customer data during thr recent times. The use of Microsoft Excel is slowly replaced by handy PDA system or Microsoft Outlook to store customer information. So, a company must change its policies, rules, users and sometimes even infrastructure to some extent with the change in its technologies.

Another big challenge that Information Technology has to face is about the security of data. No doubt a computer hard disk can store a massive amount of data. But, this data has to be protected for future.
*Generally we have 3 ways to protect valuable data from the system:
1. Protect your system from hackers.*
2. Apply a good backup plan.*
3. Ensure timely recovery.
As several people are aware about IT and its uses, but still a great percentage of people are there in society who are not aware about the exact use of Information technology.
For example a person buys blackberry 9000 and is unaware about its additional functionality, then what is the use of spending a large amount of money on a blackberry 9000. This challenge can be overcome by educating more and more people about latest technology. This can be achieved by arranging free seminars on technology use, be in touch with your local technical advisor, take regular market review about the product.

Money can be a challenge for the expansion of IT : - With...

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