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Patton Fuller

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Organizational Model Effectiveness
Joel Reyes
October 1, 2012
Lydia Bell

Organizational Model Effectiveness
Riordan Manufacturing Inc
Riordan Manufacturing Inc is a Fortune 1000 enterprise owned by Riordian Industries. The company currently employs 550 people that contribute to the total revenue in excess of one billion dollar. They specialize in a variety of products and services including plastics, containers and labeling. Riodan is fully committed to enhance the telecommunications of existing polymer and to reproduce the progression of plastics. This will achieve profits, thus assuring company growth. In addition, the company’s has three manufacturing locations where most of the products processes take place. The company’s research and development is done at the headquarters in California.
Current Organizational Model for Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan corporates a global product structure model. This model helps the organization to have different locations worldwide. Each location then specialize their products based on their own location. Riordan Manufacturing follows the traditional hierarchical organization structure. It is composed of the following factors:
• Board of Directors
• Chief Executive Officer
• Chief Operations Officer
• Department Directors
• Company Employees.

Riordan Inc has an organizational structure that is very small compare to most manufacturing companies. The president & CEO, Dr. Michael Riordan, operates and manages three important positions. These positions consist of executive assistant, svp- r&d and a chief operation officer. Each position composes of many staff members with different job titles. For instance, Kenneth Collins is the current SVP R&D executive that manages two managers. Each manager is entitled of managing either all engineers or program managers. These employees are responsible of coming up with new products or researching...

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