Pauls Life

Pauls Life

Paul had a lot of issue’s that affected his life and how he lived it. These issues

caused much heartache and misery to him, and as you know death. His abusive father,

uncaring teachers, and classmates caused most of his life’s troubles. Most of all he has a

learning disability that causes his behavior. With all these people against him and his

disability makes him lie.

Paul lies a lot to get off Cordelia Street to move to New York City. He hates it

that he doesn’t fit in cause of his learning disability. He wanted everyone to realize, as he

thought he had, that he did not belong among them, and is only in their presence because

he wanted to as a personal, "inside" joke. He told his classmates that he was close

personal friends with all of the actors, divas, and performers who graced Carnegie's stage.

To back up his claim, he brings in autographed photographs of the particular performer

who happens to be the topic of the day.

Paul had been working at Denny and Carson's long enough to earn their trust.

Denny and Carson came to entrust Paul with the week's payroll. His responsibility was to

take it to the bank and make the deposit. One weekend, however, Paul was instructed to

take the ledger in to be balanced, and Paul knew about it ahead of time. He asked his

bosses for the next day, Saturday, off citing a plausible excuse. When he took the deposit

down to the bank on Friday, Paul pocketed nearly one thousand dollars from the cash in

the deposit. The company would not get the ledger back until Monday, so Paul knew he

had time to get away. Paul boarded a train on Saturday bound for New York City.

Paul spent all the money he had stolen within eight days on the nicest things as in

hotels, clothes, wine. Paul's father also came looking for him on the eighth day as well.

Life was getting too hard for him, so he took his life by walking in front of a train.

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