Paying College Athletes

Paying College Athletes

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Mrs. Ghantous & Mrs. Elam
Academic English
Vocabulary 2

Our second vocabulary list continues our study of verbs. Remember, verbs are the action words of a sentence. Your mission is simple: figure out how to use the words below in a correct sentence. Good luck. (Keep away from making the verbs into adjectives.)

1. evolve: v. to develop gradually by process of growth and change

2. deteriorate: v. to become worse or less valuable; to diminish

3. rejuvenate: v. to make young or vigorous again; to give youthful qualities to

4. repress: v. to restrain; to keep or put down

5. conceive: v. to imagine or develop as an idea; to understand or grasp; to become pregnant with

6. fabricate: v. to build or manufacture; to make up or invent (as a story or an excuse)

7. encompass: v. to contain or include; to surround

8. transcend: v. to surpass the limits of; to exceed

The words used in sentences:
When I was a very young child, I would fabricate games or activities for myself to do; in fact, I even conceived the cool idea of an imaginary friend. He went everywhere with me. He evolved into one of my best friends. When I didn’t have anyone to play with – since I was the first-born and had no siblings yet – he would rejuvenate me with interesting games. My parents were really nice to not repress my imagination – it’s a good thing to be creative! Right? My idea of a friend obviously transcended the “normal” limits, but I didn’t know the difference, and it made for a good time. Eventually my friendship circle encompassed other “human” friends, but it’s funny to look back on my imaginary pal. Though my imaginary friend slowly deteriorated, I still remember him, and I have to laugh and smile at how silly, yet fun it was.

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