Pc and Industry

Pc and Industry


Computer Hardware is a broad term for devices which are capable of accepting and storing inputted computer data; processing and executing a systematic sequence of operations on this data and producing controlled and desired outputs. These devices can perform substantial interpretations, computations, communications, control, and other logical functions.

This report attempts to analyze and review the functions of key elements of the information systems hardware and software based on a hypothetical advertisement of a desktop for sale found in the classifieds and to be purchased by a home user. The key elements of the information systems hardware namely input, processing and output devices and the systems software found in this advert is researched and the strengths and limitations of these devices are highlighted. Finally, a conclusion is arrived that though some of the components and peripherals in this desktop are phased out or in the process of being phased out, most of the components and software would satisfy the requirements of a home user. Looking at the depreciation costs of the computer for two years, the advertised cost turns out to be around 100 dollars cheaper and hence procuring this desktop for a home user was recommended.

The personal computer industry and its products have been undergoing a dynamic change since the 1960’s when the personal computer era began. The ongoing trend currently seen in the computer hardware development is to make the personal computer faster, smaller, cheaper and better. (Jessup and Valachich, 2008)

The main components of information systems are computer hardware, software, databases, telecommunications systems, human resources, and procedures. (Kronke, 1981). Information systems hardware consists of an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, processing, and communicating information. Hardware components are perceptible by the sense of touch. Computer software is a set of...

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