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 Third World Hall,

We are writing to you as members of Solarity. Our mission is to bring students and community members together through music, art, and dance, providing student artists and opportunity to showcase their talents and to unify the campus with a large-scale event. For the past seven semesters, Solarity has been able to produce successful, high quality events that have featured collaborations with other student organizations like OC Taiko and O Circus and have been extremely well received by the student body.
Due to the size of these events resulting from our intention to include such a large percentage of the student body, our production costs are always high. This semester our budget was significantly cut ad we are in need of extra funds to go ahead with our next event. These funds will cover production costs to uphold the artistic value of the event, as well as hired personnel to make sure these events remain safe. We have no intention of discontinuing our work and it would be a shame to lose this platform of artistic expression and campus wide collaboration and unity.
Solarity is reaching out to you, Third World Hall, as you are part of the student body and among the individuals that are the most impacted by our events. With your support and donation, we can continue to put on events that are special to many Oberlin students. In total we need $16,000 to put on any type of event, but any donation you can provide will be much appreciated. With your help you can enhance the artistic expression and experience of many Oberlin students and strengthen the Oberlin community.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


The Members of Solarity at Oberlin College

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