Peace in Society

Peace in Society

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DG IV / EDU / LANG (2009)15
[April 09]

Multicultural Societies, Pluricultural People and the Project of Intercultural Education

Language Policy Division

This text has been produced for the Platform of resources and references for plurilingual and intercultural education by

Michael BYRAM

based on the text Context, concepts and theories of the 'Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters'

|Ad-hoc coordination group for the platform : |
|Laila Aase, Jean-Claude BEACCO, Michael Byram, Marisa CAVALLI, Daniel COSTE, Alexandru Crişan, Michael Fleming, Olivier Maradan, Sigmund|
|Ongstad, Irene Pieper, Florentina SAMIHAIAN, Helmut Vollmer and Piet-Hein van de Ven |
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|Editorial board: |
|Jean-Claude BEACCO, Michael BYRAM, Daniel COSTE and Michael FLEMING...

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