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[Essay on peace] written by Jack

We live in the era of globalization that is meaningful to all human beings. Living in this moment means that we should interact, cooperate and keep peaceful relationships between countries. After the cold war, the world started to become concerning about peace. Nations realized that war means not only extinction in the world, but we can’t live happily while being at war. On that point, people emphasize that peace is the only way to survive together, and to keep a good relationship with each other. So, how to protect peace in the world?

The first thing we need in order to be successful is to protect peace to create understanding. Without understanding, we cannot coexist in the present. For instance, Muslims and Christians have kept a distant relationship, because they didn’t try to understand others’ religion. In that return, many people have been killed by a lot of wars that happened between them. If we would only take a little time to learn about and understand each other’s different views and get rid of some of an outdated belief systems, as a world we would be much more peaceful.

The second part of keeping the peace is respect. We can tolerate other people’s viewpoints, but without respecting their views and showing consideration for decision making, the concept of understanding stands still. If we don’t show respect for other people’s customs, cultures and beliefs, we also can not be respected from them. Take what’s going on in Israel right now. For example, everyone is proclaiming, “Oh, we want peace!” but neither side is willing to respect the other’s point of view nor do they make any sort of compromise. Without this, the peace process in Israel may never be fulfilled. Israel and Palestinians will continue fighting for centuries to come.

Thirdly, we need to communicate in order to know about others. Without emphasizing communication, we cannot solve conflicts. If any country has...

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