Peace Journal

Peace can be seen as a world without violence, a newly healed relationship, or some bright sign hippies put on their Volkswagen van. Peace can be a most powerful emotion.

There is a great deal of concern about the violence encouraged in the games, music and images marketed to adolescents. Rates of minor youth crime have increased. I think there is a connection between these statistics because the video games that adolescents play like crazy, encourage violence so of course the minors are going to go commit crimes. If the video games had reduced violence the people playing them would be influenced by the good and positive and imitate them. What the media puts out there, we do and imitate in our lives.

Inner peace is important. Without inner peace well, we are just not at peace. Without any peace in our life, we would go crazy, so that’s why it is so important to take pleasure in the little things. This relates to the Hobbit. The Hobbit isn’t driven by the want for gold like the rest of the dwarves but wants to find himself and take pleasure in the adventure. Here are some things that we should take pleasure in, like when a guy opens the door for you or when someone says thank you.

Peace is important to keep our world turning round. Without any peace in the world we would be overtaken by war. Right now we constantly have many wars going on. Can you imagine if the whole world was fighting against each other and people lived to kill?

Our world is slowly turning into that due to the violent video games that are so popular like Halo, World of War craft, and Call of Duty. These are just a few of the very popular, and very violent games that are overtaking the youth. These war games are not only affecting the crime rates in minors but it also heavily affects the fitness of children. Children get so attached to these violent video games that all they do is play them. They sit in their basement on their La-z-Boy with some Ruffle chips...

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