Peanut oil prices weak running steadily

Peanut oil prices weak running steadily

At present, shandong market level of peanut oil price is 18000 ~ 21000 yuan/ton, down by 2.5%;Henan market price is 19000 ~ 21000 yuan/ton, hebei market price is 18000 ~ 22000 yuan/ton, the guangdong market retail price is 25000 ~ 26000 yuan/ton, have small change.

Weak demand continues to restrict rice bran oil plant (
As temperatures constantly picks up, domestic, a sharp increase in the amount of palm oil and cotton oil blending, also bring some impact to the peanut oil market share, market overall sentiment is relatively weak.The late domestic peanut oil market face moderate adjustment of the back.

Peanut weak demand present situation is difficult to change
Current production supply shortage, unfolding as, market on volume will be reduced, expected short-term peanut prices will remain stable in the pattern of the strong.The personage inside course of study points out, tightening in the supply of goods, short-term domestic peanut market defensive ability is stronger, but the current downstream products is still weak, and the light volume.With the rise of temperature, the domestic peanut meal demand is limited, late - market procurement will be more cautious.Domestic trade sales in general, poor demand will restricts peanut price increases to a certain degree.

At the same time, because the domestic price of peanut is far higher than that of the same commodity prices such as the United States and Argentina, so very few foreign trade order, the market purchase quantity is small.Overall, sunflower oil press ( affected by the busy farming and rised in the short term, small region market supply, market inventory empty, but the market dealers how much we shortage of fill, low inventory enthusiasm, the status quo of weak market demand is difficult to change, short-term domestic peanut prices are expected to give priority to with smooth or slightly fluctuations.

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